Bio Treatment

If you live in the countryside..

it's likely that you arrived on our website because you have some problem with your septic tank, funny smells or the fact that it's just not working properly. Our Bio Tab septic tank treatment can quickly, efficiently, economically fix these problems naturally.

One tablet can make a world of difference and to maintain a healthy septic tank and another tablet every 3 months will ensure an ongoing efficient, odour free septic tank, operating as it was designed to.

If you are farming, on a lifestyle block or otherwise unable to connect to a sewage system then a septic tank is the common, practical alternative. Septic tanks need care and like all natural biological systems are sensitive to conditions in their particular environment. Sometimes, due to toxic chemicals (chlorine for example) reaching the septic tank the bacteria responsible for the waste treatment die and the process can actually stop working. A Bio Tab treatment can start things up again and avoid costly alternatives such as the need to pump the septic tank out.

The Bio Tab solution is well proven, is natural and safe to use. There are no messy, hazardous liquids to mix - all you need to do is flush a tablet down the toilet!. You will be very impressed with the effectiveness of this technique for fixing septic tanks issues.
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