Bio Treatment

Symptoms of a Failing Septic Tank System

There are a number of warning signs indicating you that you may have a failing septic system. These indications should be taken seriously as ignoring them could result in costly remedial work and on-going problems.

  • Slow drainage when flushing toilets.
  • Water backing up into sinks, toilets, tubs and washing machines.
  • Unusual “gurgling” sounds when running water or flushing toilets.
  • Areas of grass of a deeper green color than the surrounding grass on your lawn.
  • Noticeably soggy areas of the lawn or soil
  • Depressions forming in the soil.
  • Unpleasant odours in, or around the house

If you notice any of these signs then you should check out your system. The first step should be to ensure that the septic system has a healthy population of the bacteria which break down the waste.

What actually happens when things go wrong:

Overloading with solids and the use of cetain bleaches and antibiotics can cause the breakdown of the bacterial activity in the tank with the aerobic bacteria unable to cope, hence the foul smells. The tank will produce more scum and this will go down the outlet pipe to the soak field, blocking the ability of the soil to absorb water and thereby preventing further bacterial breakdown. This will also cause the waste tank to overflow and smell. Waste can also reach the top of the soil on the soak field. Pumping out the tank will not cure this problem - the solution is to add one Bio Tab to the system every three months by flushing one down the toilet. This will remove the smells, get the septic tank and soak field working as they were designed to do and avoid spending hundreds of dollars un-necessarily.

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